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The need for neuropathology reviews in epilepsy surgery tissues steadily increases. However, textbooks and case presentations highlighting and focusing on this specific topic are rare.

The authors of this book reviewed their professional experience in surgical and post-mortem neuropathology studies to compile a coherent summary of :

  • clinico-pathological findings,
  • current classification schemes,
  • useful protocols
  • research data

for major histopathological entities of brain lesions encountered in modern epilepsy surgery programs, which is hippocampal sclerosis, brain tumours associated with early epilepsy onset, malformations of cortical development, brain inflammation and malformative vascular lesions. They did not intend to be exhaustive but rather representative of the main lesions and pathologies encountered.

Thirty-two illustrated cases constitute the core of this book and will be very helpful in current practice.


Editeur : John Libbey

Auteur(s) : Harvey B. Sarnat, Ingmar Blümcke, Roland Coras

Publication : 29 octobre 2015

Edition : 1ère édition

Intérieur : Noir & blanc

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Langue(s) : Anglais

EAN13 Contenu téléchargeable [ePub] : 9782742014514

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