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New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools in Child Neurology

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    The book provides a comprehensive review and update of the newest diagnostic and therapeutic tools in paediatric neurology. Special attention is paid to neuroradiologic and neurophysiologic techniques and to their clinical application, with guidelines and suggestions on how an integrated approach can be used to reach diagnosis. Some of the chapters focus on the newborn infant and the first years of life, highlighting the most appropriate MRI, clinical, and EEG techniques to investigate the developing brain. Techniques used in older children are also presented, including state-of-the art insights that afford a better understanding of the correlation between function and brain structure in young patients with brain lesions.

    New genetic discoveries are particularly emphasized, as is the possibility of performing accurate phenotype-genotype correlation by combining latest methods such as muscle MRI and genetic information in order to identify diagnostic MRI patterns associated with specific genetic disorders.

    In all chapters an effort is made to combine technical data with clinical applications in order to highlight, when possible, how these novel procedures can also be used in rehabilitation.

    This book will be of interest to paediatricians, paediatric neurologists, neonatologists, and, indeed, to all those who are involved in the diagnosis and care of children with neurologic disabilities.

    Available in print version and eBook.

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    • eBook [PDF]

      Pdf PDF (New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools in Child Neurology), 144 pages
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    • eBook [ePub]

      Epub ePub (New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools in Child Neurology)
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