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Table of Contents


Part One : Quebec–Ontario Relations From Their Origins Up to Today
1. A Comparative Look at Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations: Germany, Australia, Belgium, the United States, and Canada
2. Intergovernmental Relations between Civil Servants
3. From the Confederation of Tomorrow to the Patriation of the Constitution: Quebec–Ontario Relations in Transition
4. From French Canadian Solidarity to Shattered References The Transformation of Québécois and Franco-Ontarian Identities
5. “Ultimate Fighting,” Canadian Style: The Battle Surrounding the Creation of a National Securities Commission

Part Two : Quebec and Ontario Policy A Comparison
6. D istinct Accents: The Language Regimes of Ontario and Quebec
7. Family Policy in Ontario and Quebec: Different from Afar or Far from Different?
8. Do They Walk Like They Talk?: Speeches from the Throne and Budget Deficits in Ontario and Quebec
9. Quebec, Ontario, and the 2008 Economic Crisis: From Generous Counter-Cyclical Policies to an Austere Exit Approach
10. Parallel Policies: Convergence and Divergence in Forestry Management and Governance in Ontario and Quebec
11. Quebec and Ontario’s International Relations: Explaining the Differences
12. Game Theory and Intergovernmental Negotiations: The Case of the 2006 Quebec–Ontario Trade and Cooperation Agreement



Editeur : Presses de l'Université du Québec

Auteur(s) : Louis Côté, Jean-François Savard, Alexandre Brassard

Publication : 1 mai 2013

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