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Multi-valued logics Journal of applied non-classical logics volume 9 n°1 1999

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    In recent decades, there has been a veritable explosion of interest in many-valued logics. Research has been intensively pursued on such diverse aspects of finite and infinite valued logics as proof theory, model theory, fuzzy logics, their relationship to other non-standard logics, their algebraic and geometric structure, and their applications to computer science, engineering and linguistics. This volume includes eight refereed pages in some of these field. Although none of them is directly concerned with the applications of multi-valued logics, nonetheless they make important contributions to ongoing interaction between applications which demand theorical foundations, and theorical work which is inspired by technological problems. The papers are organized according to three themes: the first group addresses global properties of many-valued logical systems. The second group concerns specific classes of finite-valued logics. The third part deals with general algebraic and geometric properties of many-valued structures. What makes multi-valued logics so interesting is that they allow us to finetune the notion of truth, since they make it possible to distinguish between local and global truth, and between truth and falsity in different contexts.


    1. A Strong Completeness Theorem for the Gentzen Systems Associated with finite algebras 2. Fuzzy Inference as Deduction 3. Functional Completeness and axiomatizability within Belnap's Four Valued Logic and its Expansions 4. Some Operations in Kipke Models with an Involution 5. Many Valued Logic and Translations 6. Varieties of MV-Algebras 7. Perfect MV-Algebras and l-rings 8. Free Double Ockham Algebras Numéro spécial de Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics, 1999, volume 9, numéro 1

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