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James Womack

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James Womack, Daniel Jones

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A propos de l'auteur

James Womack, the first of two boys, was born on a Mississippi cotton plantation in 1940 to illiterate parents. His mother had a 3rd grade education but his father never saw the inside of a school building. He learned to read and write when he entered the Catholic school in the 8th grade. His father was an abusive alcoholic. God blessed James with a God fearing mother with a heart of gold. She believed and lived a life under the influence of the providence of a kind and loving God. The promises of God gave James the strength to be victorious over evil and hate. He has personified the faith and patience of Job in his lifetime. His mother’s love and influence became a lifeline for James because his dad rejected him at birth based on pure unadulterated ignorance. This action caused James to become an over achiever because in his mind, he thought that if he could just be good enough at anything, it would make his dad love him. Despite many futile attempts at winning dad’s love, James buried his 80-year-old dad when he was 37 without ever receiving a kind word, smile or hug. Despite his humble beginnings, James completed high school with honors and won three academic scholarships. Then he voluntary served in the United States Army for twenty-one years, which included a year in Vietnam, with honor. At age 48, while working a full time job with four children in school, James found the motivation and time to be a husband and father and return to the classroom on a part-time basis and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Butler University. He has given us a road map that demonstrates a proven method of turning scares and into stars.