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A propos de l'auteur

David Declercq was born in June 1971. He graduated his PhD in Statistical Signal Processing 1998, from the University of Cergy-Pontoise, France.
He is currently full professor at the ENSEA in Cergy-Pontoise, and is the general secretary of the National GRETSI association, and Senior member of the IEEE. He is currently the recipient of junior position at the "Institut Universitaire de France".

His research topics lie in digital communications and error-correction coding theory. He worked several years on the particular family of LDPC codes, both from the code and decoder design aspects.Since 2003, he developed a strong expertise on non-binary LDPC codes and decoders in high order Galois fields GF(q). A large part of his research projects are related to non-binary LDPC codes. He mainly investigated two directions: the design of GF(q) LDPC codes for short and moderate lengths, and the simplification of the iterative decoders for GF(q) LDPC codes with complexity/performance tradeoff constraints.

David Declercq published more than 35 papers in major journals (IEEE-Trans. Commun., IEEE-Trans. Inf. Theo., Commun. Letters, EURASIP JWCN), and more than 100 papers in major conferences in Information Theory and Signal Processing.

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