The ways in which the Internet is managed and controlled-often labeled as Internet Governance- are usually considered as standing on four main pillars: Technology, Market Laws, State Regulation and Uses. Nevertheless, its specific features, the consequences of the plurality of norms it involves and of the decision-making processes it entails are rarely addressed in a comprehensive analysis.

This book explores the Internet's functioning both as a practical-intellectual experience and a political challenge. By means of several case studies, it proposes a substantial and reflexive treatment of multileveled, formal or informal Internet Politics. The book's overall endeavor is to outline an understanding of what is -or may be- a "digital common good".

The authors are members of a European academic team gathered by the Vox Internet research program's meetings. They adopt a multi-disciplinary approach, embedding technological innovation in the field of social sciences (communication studies, sociology, law, political science and philosophy).

By Romain Badouard, Dominique Boullier, Herbert Burkert, Dominique Cardon, Mireille Delmas-Marty, Françoise Massit-Folléa, Paul Mathias, Cécile Méadel, Laurence Monnoyer-Smith, Francesca Musiani, Claudia Padovani, and Bernhard Rieder.


  • Foreword - The Internet: disrupting, revealing and producing rules
  • Introduction - From Internet Governance to Internet Politics
  • From Code to Law
  • Standards Agreements and Normative Collisions in Internet Governance
  • Some comments on the Institutionalization of the Net: ITU or ICANN, is there an ideal solution?
  • Towards a Typology of Internet Governance Sociotechnical Arrangements
  • Democracy and global governance: the wager of the Internet Governance Forum
  • Institutionalizing without Institutions? Web 2.0 and the Conundrum of Democracy
  • Preserving diversity in social network architectures
  • Discipline but not Punish: The governance of Wikipedia


Editeur : Presses des Mines

Auteur(s) : Cécile Méadel, Françoise Massit-Folléa, Laurence MONNOYER-SMITH

Publication : 21 septembre 2015

Edition : 1ère édition

Intérieur : Noir & blanc

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Langue(s) : Anglais

EAN13 Contenu téléchargeable [PDF] : 9782356712998

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