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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 : Forest Ecosystem Management
Chapter 2 : How Can Natural Disturbances Be a Guide for Forest Ecosystem Management ?
Chapter 3 : Fire Frequency and Forest Management Based on Natural Disturbances
Chapter 4 : Climate, Weather, and Forest Fires
Chapter 5 : Management Solutions to Face Climate Change
Chapter 6 : Spatial Structure of Rorest Stands and Remnants under Fire and Timber Harvesting Regimes
Chapter 7 : Spruce Budworm Outbreak Regimes in Eastern North America
Chapter 8 : Forest Tent Caterpillar Outbreak Dynamics from Manitoba to New Brunswick
Chapter 9 : Applying Knowledge of Natural Disturbance Regimes to Develop Forestry Practices Inspired by Nature in the Southern Region of the Gaspé Peninsula
Chapter 10 : Towards an Ecosystem Approach to Managing the Boreal Forest in the North Shore Region
Chapter 11 : Ecosystem Management of Québec's Northern Clay Belt Spruce Forest
Chapter 12 : Forest Dynamics of the Duck Mountain Provincial Forest, Manitoba, and the Implications for Forest Management
Chapter 13 : Siviculture in a Context of Forest Ecosystem Management in Boreal and Southern Boreal Forests
Chapter 14 : An Adaptive Framework for Monitoring Ecosystem Management in the Boreal Black Spruce Forest
Chapter 15 : Silvicultural and Ecological Evaluation of Partial Harvest in the Boreal Forest on the Clay Belt, Québec
Chapter 16 : Modelling Complex Stands and the Effects of Silvicultural Treatments
Chapter 17 : Scenario Planning and Operational Practices within a Sustainable Forest Management Plan
Chapter 18 : Forest Ecosystem Management in the Boreal Mixedwood Forest of Western Québec
Chapter 19 : Project Tembec
Chapter 20 : Old-Forest Conservation Strategies in Wet-Trench Forests of the Upper Fraser River Watershed, British Columbia
Chapter 21 : Perspectives



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Publication : 1 janvier 2009

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