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PART 1 Premises for the Development of the Professional Accompaniment Model for Change

CHAPTER 1 Foundations and Concepts Related to the Accompaniment Model

Content Associated with the Change
Competencies and Development of Competencies
Metacognition and Refl ective Practice
Accompaniment Leadership

CHAPTER 2 Accompaniment Aim and Intentions
Aim: Accompany the Implementation of a Prescribed and Directed Change
First Intention: Develop Accompaniment Leadership
Second Intention: Engage in Refl ective-Interactive Practice
Third Intention: Spur Professional Collaboration
Fourth Intention: Develop Professional Judgment
Fifth Intention: Enrich the Knowledge Culture
Sixth Intention: Initiate Action

CHAPTER 3 Accompaniment-Research-Training for Change Implementation
Integrating Accompaniment, Research, and Training
Facilitation, Training, Accompaniment, and Research
Emergent Theory Building

CHAPTER 4 The Organization of Accompaniment
Main Actions to Be Taken
Organizational Flexibility and Rigor
Accompaniment Modeled on the Spirit of the Change

CHAPTER 5 Work Sequence for Meetings within an Accompaniment Process
Before the Start: Planning a Meeting within an Accompaniment Process
While Action Is Underway: Respecting the Spirit of Accompaniment
During and At the End Process: Promoting Reflection and Adjustment
At the End and After: Refl ecting on Action
Postaccompaniment Refl ection: Evidence to Keep
Actions between Two Accompaniment Sessions: Followup

CHAPTER 6 Reflective Practice
The Meaning of Reflective Practice
The Functions of Reflective Practice
The Components of Reflective Practice
Stepping Back from One’s Practice
A Context That Facilitates Reflection about Changing Practices

CHAPTER 7 Ways to Facilitate Accompaniment and Reflective Practice
Tasks, Accompaniment Situations, and Situation Families
Website Development
Accompaniment Journal
Support for Practice Analysis
Model Building

PART 2 An Experiential Model of Professional Accompaniment

CHAPTER 8 Conditions Conducive to Change Accompaniment

Conceptual Background Associated with Conditions Conducive to Change Accompaniment
Implementing Socioconstructivist Accompaniment
Working toward Reflective Practice
Aiming for the Development of Professional Competencies for Change Accompaniment
Working toward Accompaniment Leadership

CHAPTER 9 Building a Professional Accompaniment Model for Change
Representation of a Model
Using Diagrams
What Is a Model?
A Professional Accompaniment Model for Change

CHAPTER 10 Outcomes: Professional Development with a View to Organizational Change
Contribution to Structuring a Professional Identity
Updating Practices in Connection with the Change
Action Initiation
New Awareness or Observation
Impact on Change Implementation

APPENDIX 1 Meeting Followup Forms
APPENDIX 2 Summary Report Forms


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