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  • Coupled multiphysics problems in geomechanics
    P. Delage - pp.561-595
  • Multiphysics processes in concrete
    F. Skoczylas - pp.597-618
  • Hydro-mechanical coupling and strain localization in saturated porous media
    J. Desrues - pp.619-634
  • Constitutive modelling of the thermo-plastic behaviour of soils
    L. Laloui, C. Cekerevac, B. François - pp.635-650
  • An introduction to the constitutive modelling of unsaturated soils
    L. Laloui, M. Nuth - pp.651-669
  • An instructive chemo-mechanical model for bonded geomaterials
    R. Nova, M. Parma - pp.671-688
  • Chemo-mechanics of geomaterials. Coupled constitutive laws
    T. Hueckel - pp.689-711
  • Unified approach of coupled constitutive laws
    F. Collin, L. Laloui, R. Charlier - pp.713-723
  • Poromechanics of drying and freezing cement-based materials
    O. Coussy - pp.725-746
  • THMC coupling in partially saturated geomaterials
    A. Gens, L. Guimarães, S. Olivella - pp.747-765
  • Finite element analysis of strain localization in multiphase materials
    L. Sanavia, F. Pesavento, B. Schrefler - pp.767-778
  • Hydraulic fracturing in multiphase geomaterials
    S. Secchi, B. Schrefler, L. Simoni - pp.779-789
  • Using natural analogues in assessing long term effects of nuclear waste disposal in clays. A case stufy
    T. Hueckel - pp.791-796
  • THM behaviour of engineered and natural clay barriers
    F. Collin, R. Charlier - pp.797-808
  • Possible CO2 injection in aquifers below Venice
    B. Schrefler, C. Bonacina - pp.809-816
  • New data about surface subsidence above gas reservoirs
    B. Schrefler, A. Gens, L. Simoni - pp.817-825
  • Numerical modelling of the behaviour of a heat exchanger pile
    L. Laloui, M. Nuth - pp.827-839
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    Editeur : Hermes Science

    Auteur(s) : Lyesse LALOUI, Robert CHARLIER, Gilles PIJAUDIER-CABOT

    Publication : 22 septembre 2005

    Edition : 1ère édition

    Intérieur : Couleur, Noir & blanc

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