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Negativity's Kiss is a noir poem, with characters and a story, violence, cops, everything one likes about the crime novel, minus its robotic, skippable detail. Plus language that rocks.
However the poet doesn't know how to be straight enough to just do it-tone and genre-so this is pretty crooked. Satirical and feral, written at the time of Hurricane Katrina.
The world of the poem is an international city that slides- everything slides-between being like Paris and being like New York. But maybe it’s more like Gotham City, where everyone knows everyone, and even a poet can be in the media spotlight, if someone tries to kill her. . .


Editeur : Presses universitaires de Rouen et du Havre

Auteur(s) : Alice Notley

Collection : To / Jusqu'à

Publication : 25 avril 2014

Edition : 1ère édition

Intérieur : Noir & blanc

Support(s) : Text (eye-readable) [ePub + Mobipocket + WEB]

Contenu(s) : ePub, Mobipocket, WEB

Protection(s) : Aucune (ePub), Aucune (Mobipocket), DRM (WEB)

Taille(s) : 120 ko (ePub), 330 ko (Mobipocket), 1 octet (WEB)

Langue(s) : Français

Code(s) CLIL : 3633, 3435

EAN13 Text (eye-readable) [ePub + Mobipocket + WEB] : 9791024001173

EAN13 (papier) : 9791024001166

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