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Biology of Seizure Susceptibility in Developing Brain


De Takao Takahashi et Yukio Fukuyama


John Libbey - octobre 2008

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    Biology of Seizure Susceptibility in Developing Brain

    Underling biology that governs the age-dependent seizure susceptibility is a new, exciting research field for every pediatric epileptologists and developmental nouroscientists. From daily practice, clinicians are well aware about a close correlation between the degree of seizure susceptibility and age of the individual. Pathophysiological mechanisms involved are multiplex, including race/gender nutrition, receptors/ion channels, dysgenesis, pharmacokinetics of AEDs, acute illnesses/inflammation and many others.

    In this book, the top-ranked experts contributed their original papers dealing with the cutting edge of knowledge in various aspects of underlying biology. Each article presents a comprehensive review of the subjects, guiding the readers to better understanding the contemporary status of achievements in this challenging research field

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    • eBook [PDF]

      Pdf PDF (Biology of Seizure Susceptibility in Developing Brain), 232 pages
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